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Upper Body Workout with Lucy

Upper Body Workout with Lucy

This weeks Workout Wednesday comes from our very own UFG Lucy, she's bringing us some of her favourite exercises for a killer upper body session. If your looking for some inspiration for your next work out, give these a try!


Chest Press | 3 Sets | 12-15 Reps

Lat Pull Down | 3 Sets | 12-15 Reps

Lateral Arm Raise | 3 Sets | 12-15 Reps

Shoulder Press | 3 Sets | 12-15 Reps

Bicep Curls | 3 Sets | 12-15 Reps


    Check our Instagram to see Lucy giving us a demonstration of this killer upper body workout.

    If your a beginner aim to start with smaller weights and slowly progress to heavier weights once you feel stronger. The last THREE reps of your set should feel REALLY tough.

    Have a go at these and don't forget to tag us in your workout videos & pictures @ultimatefitgears on Instagram & Facebook.


    Remember - Always warm up & cool down to avoid injury.

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