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Grow Your Glutes!

Grow Your Glutes!

This weeks Workout Wednesday comes in the form of some tips, tricks & how to's on growing that booty from our very own Shelby Dobson.


It’s so scary & confusing trying to take in information from so many different people on social media! Some may be right, some wrong. But I’m going to help you.

If the advice you’re looking at when it comes to growing your glutes sounds anything like the things in this list, you’re on the right track:

1. Make sure you eat your caloric intake, that includes having enough of carbohydrates, proteins & fats!! DON’T miss them out of meals✨

2.Warm your 🍑 up with activator exercises like bridges!

3. Lift heavy! Focus primarily on your compound lifts in the free weights area. You are essentially forcing your muscle to grow, so those glutes won’t grow themselves stuck on the same weight 24/7. Compound lifts I use include: Squats, sumo squats, tension squats, Romanian deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, reverse lunges.

4. Don’t neglect accessory exercises like Bulgarian split squats!

5. cable exercises & machines are also incredibly useful! So make sure you add a variety of exercises to your training!

6.Switch your routine up, that way, you won’t get fed up, you’ll see changes, everybody’s body is different, so you might like an exercise someone else doesn’t! Super-set things!! That kills like a bi*ch but it’s useful & UP your weights progressively (progressive overload).

7.RECOVER- Stretch, rest, don’t overdo yourself otherwise ya 🍑🍑 ain’t gonna grow!

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