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Grow Your Glutes!
Grow your Glutes with Shelby. This week our Workout Wednesday brings you some advice & tips on how to grow those glutes. Shelby looks at food, nutrition & exercises that all help to get that big, strong booty.
Oatmeal Peanut Butter Protein Shake
Packed full of protein & fibre, this shake is perfect for your post workout recovery. It only takes five minutes to make & will keep you feeling fuller for longer.
High Protein Shrimp/Prawn Tacos

This tasty high protein recipe is perfect those heavy lifting days. With lots of shrimp / prawns (depending on which side of the pond your from) and a simple marinade this dish is great for when your short on time & want something super tasty. Shrimp are super beneficial to health and helps to remove excessive radicals in the body and to combat the inflammatory process in the body.

How to Fuel Your Strength Workout
Feeling good not only comes from looking good in your UFG kit, but you have to fuel your body with the right nutrition too. Our resident Doctor explains how to fuel your body for a strength session.

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